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MWM update

Posted by MWM Convenor on 16 November 2021


A brief update to follow last week’s lengthy report.

  1. Wednesday Morning Club Social Tennis – Despite the generally wet week – this Wednesday is looking promising.
    With Glen Waverley TC continuing to be a busy venue with lots of members it is inadvisable to attend there if not arranged in advance. Contact Paul Bowman on 0419 553 827 or Doug Sowden on 0417 391 588 if you wish to go there.
    Burden Park TC – is available and recommended for all levels – Waverley Tennis guidelines apply re Covid-19 – Call Peter Cunningham on 0408 539 363 if any queries.
    Whites Lane Mulgrave TC – is recommended for Section 3,4 & 5 players. From 9.30am with $2 ball money & coffee/tea provided. Sign in & proof of double vaxx is required. Ian Jenner is the contact on 0425 779 540
    Essex Heights TC – are welcoming visitors of about Section 4 [C Sp] standard for social play at Essex Heights – if wanting to contact call Pravin Ghelani  on 0411 066 934
  2. Wednesday Morning Mini Competition Commencing 24 November 2021 – We are in need of a few free-agent players to help out at each of the 3 levels and also another team for our lower section. Please let us know promptly if you can help out. A draw will be issued this coming weekend.
  3. Feedback Interviews with Team Members – If you have not picked this “ball” up please give it a go this Wednesday – Check Neil Armstrong’s guidelines provided last week – if need be give him a call on 0438 340 594. It is as simple as making a phone call but with the camera functioning – give it a go and send the result in.
  4. MWM’s Tennis Promotional/Open Day on 15 December – Planning has not yet started but we now need some action. We would like a couple of volunteers to help members of our Sub-Committee to get plans in place & in particular to give a boost to the promotional side.
  5. Vaccination Guidelines for MWM Tennis Competition – There has been some diverse feedback on the rules appropriate for our competition. In particular do we stick with Tennis Vic/Waverley Tennis guideline of double vaxx recommended but not mandatory or do we adopt a more restrictive guidance because of our age/health profile. It is evident that some participants [a very small number] may be uncomfortable with the present Waverley policy and choose not to play, but equally there are some that object to the more restrictive policy. Captains are strongly encouraged to communicate with all team members to establish a level of comfort, to avoid any misunderstanding and to ensure you know who will be available for competition.

Your feedback as applicable is very welcome

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