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Welcome back to MWM tennis

Posted by MWM Convenor on 10 November 2021

Fellow MWM Tennis Players,

Our Sub-Committee has decided not to recommence the previously suspended season. Feedback from Captains responding to our previous communication favoured the playing of social tennis in the Wednesday morning time slot for November & December.

As we are concerned that this may lead to a degree of isolation or reduced interest for some people, we are seeking cooperation and expressions of interest from all captains re the following –

  1. Wednesday Morning Club Social Tennis – If your club is offering this option and you are able to welcome other players from our MWM network to your Club, can you please advise promptly so that the details can be shared – Contact name & phone number if you need requests in advance, standard if applicable and any additional Club COVID rules beyond the standard issued by Tennis Vic and Waverley Tennis if applicable.
  2. Wednesday Morning Mini Competition Commencing 24 November 2021 – This will be along the lines of that conducted pre & post-Christmas last year. Player registration and reporting of results will not be required but meaningful details of team make-up is needed so that we can reasonably determine, and match, team standards. We are envisaging 4 team sections playing 3 home & away matches. If the level of interest supports it we will have 3 sections [as last year]. Interested captains please register your interest as soon as possible so that we can promptly prepare and issue fixtures.

Returning to the Covid-19 guidelines and in particular the fact that there is no “blanket” requirement to have been double vaccinated before participating, we would appreciate feedback via captains on team thinking and player status where willingly confirmed. Whilst we support and encourage all players being vaccinated it is likely that a small number will choose otherwise. This may have consequences for other players cautious about mixing with unvaccinated players in a dynamic environment. Any discussion and feedback is welcome in order that we can respond in the most appropriate manner especially when we commence Autumn 2022 season in February 2022.


Members of the MWM Sub-Committee and several MWM players have been subject to some challenging discussions via a series of Zoom meetings with a Melbourne University Facility of Business & Economics student team involved in a marketing study focused on our MWM competition and how we communicate with participants, satisfy our ‘customer’ needs, market our product, attract new players and measure our success in achieving objectives. The project commenced in August and concluded in October. We now look to applying energy to implementation of some of the recommendations that have been presented to us.

Two initial steps are as follows

1 - Feedback Interviews with Team Members – Aided by modern technology we are looking to Captains to take up the challenge or alternatively identify within, a skillful reporter, to record a short video for inclusion within a library that will be available to our MWM network and wider audience via Waverley Tennis website, Facebook and YouTube.

It is likely that your productions will be too large to transfer by conventional email attachment but they can be down loaded in the same manner that Neil Armstrong [our MWM Record Secretary] has packaged the following two samples.

See Neil’s comments below on how to approach the exercise.

Speak to Neil on 0438 340 594 if you need any assistance

The videos can be downloaded here:



Advice to prospective interviewers:

  • Explain to interviewees that we are looking to promote MWM including through YouTube and that parts of their interview could end up on the web.
  • If they are not happy with that, they should not participate.
  • Have a list of questions prepared and allow the interviewees to preview them for a short time. We want the interviews to be candid so they shouldn’t “study” them.
  • There are no wrong answers.
  • Feel free to interview individuals or groups. (some may be more comfortable in a group).
  • Videos should be taken in Landscape mode
  • All videos will be edited prior to publication so just submit them. They will probably be too big to attach to email (depending on your client / provider) so cloud storage with a link (as above) is fine. Alternatively, WhatsApp can be used to send them through.
  • Example of questions (but feel free to add your own):
    • How does it feel to be finally back on the court?
    • Prior to the opening up, how long has it been since you played?
    • What did you miss most about MWM during the lockdowns?
    • What are looking forward to most when competition resumes?
    • What level do you usually play?
    • How do you think your team will go next season?
    • Any advice for anyone thinking of playing MWM (new players)?

Hopefully, that is enough to whet the appetite of some budding directors.

2 – MWM’s Tennis Promotional/Open Day – We are setting aside Wednesday 15 December 2021 to conduct a special day aimed at attracting new teams from Waverley Tennis affiliated clubs as well as new players from within the Clubs and beyond. Much will need to be done quickly including negotiating the most suitable venue, inviting some guests and promoting the event where possible via, Waverley affiliated clubs, City of Monash, Waverley Tennis website, Facebook, Community Bank Pinewood Podcast, and of course, YOU.

As with #1 above we need your help to achieve success in this activity. Please contact the writer or other MWM Sub-Committee members if you are able to contribute by way of time, skills or contacts.

If you are interested in viewing the final ‘report’ we received from the Melbourne University Team please let me know and I will email it to you.

Welcome back to MWM tennis

Lindsay Coster


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