Useful Information

A Club may request a change to the playing order only up to the final home and away match. No changes are permitted during the Finals series.

The choice of ends and the choice to be server or receiver in the first game shall be decided by toss before the warm-up starts. The player/team who wins the toss may choose:

  1. To be server or receiver in the first game of the match, in which case the opponent(s) shall choose the end of the court for the first game of the match; or
  2. The end of the courts for the first game of the match, in which case the opponent(s) shall choose to be server or receiver of the first game of the match; or
  3. To require the opponent(s) to make one of the above choices.

All Saturday Junior matches shall commence at 8:15 a.m. (8:30 a.m. Sunday) and all Senior matches shall commence at 1:00 p.m.

Actual starting times (not the start of the initial hit-up) and finishing times are to be recorded on the scoresheets.

Commencing times for the Mid-Week Men's Competitions is 9:30 a.m.

No alcoholic drinks are to be consumed by players at Waverley match venues until such players have completed all matches in which they are involved.

At the completion of the home and away matches, the four leading teams in an 8-team section and the top three teams in a 6-team section shall play off in a final series. All conditions relating to these matches are covered by By-Law 24. In 4 team sections, the final shall be between first and second teams only.

Club Secretaries will be advised via the Waverley Tennis Website where their Club's teams are to play and of matches to be held on their Club's courts. Individual players should direct their enquiries to their Club's Secretary in preference to Association's Officers.

The home club MUST provide a Supervisor for each home match, who is not a member of any participating team on the day. (Ref By-Law 17 (b)).

The use of Substitute Players in Final Series matches must be strictly in accordance with By-Law 15. In cases of doubt, contact the Association Secretary or any other member of the Waverley Match Committee for advice and/or decision.

All players shall have a personal grading of A, A Reserve, B Special, B, C Special, C, D Special, or D. This grading will be retained from season to season, unless changed by Club selectors or the Tennis Association, and subsequently ratified by the Tennis Association.

Teams as submitted will be graded by the Match Committee into similarly named gradings.

A 10 minute suspension of play is allowed in the case of accidental injury.

When competing in Senior Competition Junior players may play 2 grades below their Junior personal grading, for example, A Res graded Junior player may play B Grade Senior level. Please note the Senior Match Committee will monitor such players to ensure that they are not strengthening the team.

Match results are to be entered on line by the Home Club by 5:30 p.m.on the Tuesday following the match.

Where non-attendance at a match is agreed to due to inclement weather or heat out, both teams must enter their player lists via the By Ph feature on the Waverley Tennis Club Zone website.

Match scoresheets must be retained by Home Clubs for the entire season and supplied to the record secretary upon request.

Failure to supply requested scoresheets promptly can result in a loss of points and/or fine.

Duplicate advices of results supplied within 24 hours of request will not incur loss of all points scored by the HOME TEAM. (By-Law 22 LATE RESULTS).

For Junior matches Home Clubs are encouraged to provide light food and refreshments. For Senior matches home teams shall provide adequate afternoon tea for their visitors.

When competing in Senior Competition, such players may not play below A Reserve level without prior Match Committee approval.

All Clubs should have access to an up to date copy of the Rules of Tennis as approved by Tennis Australia.

In Senior competition, Singles/Doubles will be available in certain grades each season on Saturday afternoons.

Teams shall be graded on the strongest nominated player.

Eligibility: No player may play below his approved grade (unless such player has been approved to play as a permanent player in a lower graded team). Once a player plays more than three matches in any team, that player cannot play for another team in a lower grade, or lower section within grade, without prior permission of the Match Committee.

Emergency registrations of players may be made by filling in the necessary particulars on the scoresheets refer to By-Law 11 for full details. No phone emergency registration will be permitted or accepted.

As covered by By-Law 19; regulation tennis attire shall be worn at all matches. Refer to Dress and Equipment Regulations.

For all Senior matches, 4 new balls, for all Junior matches, 2 new and 2 good used balls. Refer By-Law 18 for full details.

A 12 point tie breaker is played by all Senior and Junior teams (except D Grade) at 6 games all in any set. A Match tie breaker is used to decide the third set of “Best of 2” rubbers. Both tie breakers are conducted as per these instructions.

A club which uses an Outside Venue must ensure that the visiting club is notified no later than the Wednesday prior to the match.

All club officials and players should note that this information should be used in conjunction with the By-laws of the Tennis Association.