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Mid Week Ladies Competition

Pool Emergency Availability List
How to print your Fixture page
Fast Facts about our Ladies Competition
Ladies Committee Contact Details
By-Laws / Rules (printable pdf version)
Tennis Court Addresses (printable pdf version)
How to enter your scores online

Season 1-2018

*The new grading list for next season is now available for viewing.   Please click here.

*Season commences Thursday 8th February.

*The new Fixture pages will be available from this website in a few weeks.  Convenors will be notified once ready for viewing and printing.

*Any teams needing a new Scorebook please contact Joanne Lewis on 0438.385.059 to arrange collection.

*Captains to please print off a copy of the ByLaws (available below) and retain for your reference.

*Any new players wishing to go into the Emergency Pool for the new season please email your details to Joy Kaias at   If you are currently listed this season, it would be appreciated if you could please text Joy to advise if you wish to continue on the list.  Thank you.


Midweek Ladies ByLaws

Please click here to download a printable version of the WDTA Midweek ladies ByLaws - current as at July 2016. 


Congratulations Eildon Park

Well done to Eildon Park's B2 team on winning the Lorraine Clark Memorial Trophy for Season 2/2017.  We were pleased to have Lorraine's daughter Janette in attendance at Vermont Sth TC to present the trophy on the day.   Thank you Lorraine.  And congratulations to the Eildon Park ladies.



Season 2/2017 Grand Final Results

A Grade -  Parkwood defeated MCC/GIV    45 - 30

Ares1 - Nth Balwyn defeated Croydon    48 - 23

Ares2 - Berwick Red defeated Vermont Sth   42 - 33

Bsp1 - Heatherdale defeated Donvale   43 - 38

Bsp2 - Glen Waverley defeated Clarinda  46 - 31

Bsp3 - Knox City defeated Wheelers Hill Blue   43 - 22

B1 - Nth Ringwood defeated Eildon Park   42 - 32

B2 - Eildon Park defeated Wheelers Hill   36 - 33

Well done to all teams making it into the Grand Finals!


Pool Emergency Availability List

The new season's Availability List will be published here once finalized.  It would be appreciated if all current Pool Emergencies could text (0413.399.038) or email Joy to confirm if wishing to continue next season.

Any new players interested in going into the Emergency Pool - ALL GRADES WELCOME - please ring or email Joy at    We would love more players on this list (must be a Victoria Tennis club member - any club).   

See below for more details on how our Pool Emergency List works.


2017 Gil Quillinan Memorial Charity Tennis Event 

A massive thank you to the many wonderful ladies who attended our yearly charity event on 20th July.  it was the very first time in the history of this event the weather decided to be unkind to us but we were extremely grateful that so many ladies still attended, swapping their tennis racquets for pen and paper to have a wonderfully fun morning of trivia games, as well as the ever popular chicken and champers lunch.

A very big THANK YOU to our supporters of this event:-

  • KOOYONG LAWN TENNIS CLUB (for the major raffle prize)
  • VERMONT TENNIS CLUB (for donating all the Champers, as well as graciously hosting once again)
  • TENSION 24

All proceeds from the event ($696.45)  will be donated to the OVARIAN CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION.  



Entering and confirming scores online

Click here for step by step instructions on how to enter your scores.  If you are having trouble please contact Record Secretary via or 0413.399.038    Scores MUST be in by Friday 8pm, but if at all possible please enter them by Thursday evening.  Thank you.

How to print your Fixture page

Fixtures are now available online - no longer available as a Handbook.  You can print your own fixtures via this website as follows:

* Click on FIXTURES link (in the blue banner above)   * Select a Competiton (Thursday AM from the drop down box)   * Select a Section  * Select a Team     Then click on the "download PDF" link (just underneath the Select a Section box).     Then simply PRINT or SAVE.

Note that all Team Captains and their Contact phone numbers are now included under the details for each team  (any errors please let us know). 


Welcome to Waverley Tennis Midweek Ladies Comp

Waverley Tennis Mid Week Ladies Tennis competition provides competition tennis in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for ladies wishing to play during the daytime. We are always looking for new clubs to join our competition or even new players. We can assist in suggesting a club for you to join or we also have an Association Emergency List that assists existing teams and gives variety and options to a player. If you or your Club are interested in knowing more, please read on, or contact our President  Judy Searl on 9700 0760 / or our Secretary Jo Lewis 0438.385.059 /

Important Dates:-

Season 2 - 2017 commencement date 27th July 2017

(no play on 28/9, 5/10 & 9/11)

  • 23 Nov:    Semi Finals
  • 30 Nov:    Prelim Finals
  • 7 Dec:      Grand Finals (& 14 Dec if required)

Note: team entries for season 1/2018 due in by 9th November


Season 1 - 2018  commencement date 8th February 2018

(no play on 5/4 & 12/4)

  • 31 May:   Semi Finals
  • 7 June:    Prelim Finals
  • 14 June:   Grand Finals (& 21 June if required)
  • 21 June:   AGM - all participating clubs must be represented


Season 2 - 2018  commencement date 17th July 2018


Competition Features:

Waverley Mid Week Ladies Tennis currently offers:-

Home and Away daytime Thursday Competition
2 Seasons per Calendar Year (Feb to June  /  July to Dec)
Starting time 9.30 am (can vary)
2 Courts per match   
4 ladies per team - change partners each set
6 double sets per match - no rubbers
Sets are first to 8 - tiebreak at 7 all
Emergency Pool Players available  (see note below)
Semi-Finals, Preliminary-Finals & Grand Finals - no umpires required in any finals games
Home Finals for Semi & Preliminary Finals - with Grand Finals at courts designated by Committee.
Online scoring system
A between season tournament - all levels most welcome - The Annual Gill Quillinan Memorial Tournament. Proceeds from this tournament are donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Clubs & Court Locations 

Please click here to download a printable version of the WDTA Midweek ladies Participating Clubs & Court Locations - current as at Season 1-2015.


Mid-Week Ladies Emergency Pool Players:

Our Competition permits the use of Emergency Pool Players.  This saves the need for teams to forfeit (with the associated fine).

Emergency Pool Players:-

  • must belong to a club affiliated with Tennis Victoria.
  • are permitted to play for any club as many times as necessary in their personal grade or above at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • may still play for their own club as an emergency.
  • must be recorded on the Emergency Pool List by contacting the Record Secretary prior to playing at

Special Pool Emergency Rules applicable for Finals:-

All Pool Emergencies (with the exception of B2 Grade) are not permitted to play in their personal grade during Finals (irrespective of how many matches they have played in that grade).  They are only permitted to play above their personal grade in Finals.  A request MUST be made to Record Secretary prior to using ANY Pool Emergencies in Finals.

The current Pool Emergency List is now available on this website page including phone numbers and availabillity (see above).

Any players wishing to be placed in the Emergency Pool, we would love to hear from you.  All Grades are welcome!  Please contact the Record Secretary - 0413 399 038


WDTA Midweek Ladies Committee 2016/17:

President:                      Judy Searl 9700.0760 / 0408.568.345 -

Secretary:                     Jo Lewis 0438.385.059  -

Record Secretary:       Joy Kaias  -   0413 399 038

Treasurer:                     Jenny Lomdahl - 0404 831 544


History of the Lorraine Clark Memorial Perpetual Trophy:

The Lorraine Clark Memorial Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the winner of the lowest section in the WDTA Mid-week Ladies competition each season.  It is an encouragement award, commenced in her honour in 2001.

Lorraine Clark was on the founding committee for the Mid-week Ladies Competition and became the inaugural President.  WDTA Ladies commenced with 14 participating Clubs and she served as President for 6 years and remained on the general committee until 1991 when she was awarded Life Membership.  It is pleasing to note that our Mid-week ladies competition has expanded over the years, and currently has 37  Clubs participating. Lorraine attended the Gill Quillan tournament in July 2014 but sadly passed away in December 2014.


Questions and Answers

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