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Competitive Player Profile required after 1st September 2023

Posted by Waverley Tennis on 25 August 2023

To all Club Secretaries, Club Managers and Junior/Senior/Night Convenors,

All pennant players, tournament players and those playing matches who use League Manager in Australia need to have a Competitive Player Profile set up for themselves by 1 September, 2023.

From 1 September, all players added to teams on League Manager/Match Centre will be required to have a Competitive Player Profile.

NOTE: Waverley Tennis does not use League Manager for its weekly competitions (we use a system called Tennis Results On-Line System- TROLS). If you only play competition tennis organised by Waverley Tennis, you do not need to do anything. If you play competition organised by another Association, you will need to check with them, in case they use League Manager.

If you want to enter events and tournaments (including some inter-association events, such as the Pat Cash Cup) run by Tennis Victoria and/or Tennis Australia, then you will need to create a competitive player profile.

The following information has been provided by Tennis Victoria.

Resources on the Associations Webpage

TA/TV are using the top of the Associations webpage to store resources to help guide your players through this process. We have created a one-page fact sheet document for competition providers with some of the basics for what is a CPP, how to create a CPP, the benefits of creating one for providers and players, and a tip for leagues to embed creating a CPP into their league registration process.

There is also a link to the Tennis Australia step-by-step guides showing the CPP creation process to make it simple to understand for players and parents, as well as the links for players to merge any duplicate profiles. We also have two sizes of a flyer that can be printed or used electronically, which has a QR code that links to the process for creating a CPP.


  • Understand how to pull the Club Player Details report under the Organisation Management category from League Manager (guide on the fact sheet on the Associations webpage)
  • Clubs should contact those players that need to complete part or all of the CPP from that report with the correct links from the step-by-step guides
    • Make it clear in communications to players or parents that this is a requirement to play, but they only need to do this process once, unlike most sports that require online registration every season.
  • Clubs should hold a session in person if necessary for those that have not completed their CPP


Thank you!

Mia Xu

Association Secretary

Waverley Tennis

E: secretary@waverleytennis.asn.au

Author:Waverley Tennis