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(Update: 29 December 2020)


Time to start winding up for the new competition season scheduled to commence on 3rd February 2021.

Building on the email sent to Captains & Players on Sunday 20th December, a further reminder to please start confirming team makeup even though you are not required to lodge any form of a team entry at this stage.

Firm requesting of online lodgement of team entries will be forthcoming on or soon after 1st January, but by then there will not be a lot of time to complete the exercise.

As previously indicated the new system relies on a Club MWM Convenor at each club, irrespective of the number of teams being entered by a club, taking responsibility for entering teams and player names [critically important that first & second names be correctly ordered & spelt].

It is fairly obvious for most clubs who the MWM convenor will be but we will confirm with you by the 1st January unless you advise beforehand.

Please advise if you have any worries as this unfolds over the next week & a bit.

Promotional Flyer

This is being sent to all on our email list as well as being avaliable to view here..

Please add to our competition exposure by doing your own circulation to ensure we/you retain all players on our "lists" as well as attract new participants. It is always very encouraging to attract new players and especially new teams.

If your club has "list" players that are not required or wish to relocate, please let us know as we are very confident in being able to offer opportunities to all players.

January Mini-Comp Social Season

This will go ahead for 3 weeks from 13th January.

Other than several teams from the December season indicating they may need some emergencies, we have had no advice that any team does not wish to continue please advise promptly if this is not the case.

A new fixture for the 3 weeks will be produced and distributed to participating captains in the next week.

Best wishes for 2021 and an uninterrupted year of enjoyable competition tennis.

Lindsay Coster
MWM Convenor



Any questions about how the competition runs can be found in the Guidelines, issued July 2019.

Lindsay Coster

Join the MWM email list!

If you want to know about what is happening in the world of Mid Week Mens, and can't always check this page, contact Lindsay on mwm AT waverleytennis.asn.au and ask to be put on the email list.


2021 - Autumn fixture and results
















We are seeking support from all players to build the information appearing on our webpage at www.waverleytennis.asn.au Mid Week Mens. An effort is being made to include more information of interest including photos, results, ladders and other items of interest.
Please let your captains know or submit information by email to mwm AT waverleytennis.asn.au

Lindsay Coster
MWM Sub-Committee

Bendigo Bank Pinewood sponsor

Bendigo Bank Pinewood sponsors our Tennis activities in a positive way so if you have any finanacial needs, please contact the Pinewood Branch, they will look after you.

Click here for more information.


Waverley Mid-Week Mens Competition -

"Keen competition played in good spirit!"


Competition Features

  • Played on Wednesday mornings: 9.30am - 12.30pm (approx)
  • Open aged: from 20's to 80's
  • Five grades catering to all standards
  • Each team fields 4 players, but 5, or 6, can be used if you wish.
  • Three sets of doubles per player per match on 2 courts
  • Sets are first to 8 games (to 6 games in lowest section) with provision for variation by agreement. A tiebreak is played at 7 all.
  • Coffee/tea and light lunch, hosted by home team

Other Information

  • Participation costs are set by home club but are approximately $2-$4 per match
  • Teams have more than 4 players to accommodate injury, travel and "she who must be obeyed"
  • Organiser is only too happy to help place new comers in a team

Social Play & Final Events

All grades come together at Robinson Reserve Tennis Centre (RRTC), Doveton (Home of Waverley Tennis), for the Grand Final series. Facilities available for other players and friends. Grand Finals are followed by BBQ lunch for all, and presentation of trophies to players representing winning teams and runners-up in each grade.

The Grand Finals Day at the RRTC has developed into a much looked forward to social event where all players renew old friendships and develop new ones whilst watching intensely contested Grand Finals and enjoying the BBQ lunch.

[Last updated: 10/06/2019]

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