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Competition status re: COVID-19

The Spring season is scheduled to start 22nd July. This is still subject to approval from all levels of Government.

Your club has to follow the Tennis Victoria Return to Tennis Competition to allow this resumption, and get the approval of the plan from your club's local Council.


A further update on the current conditions.(as at 21st June)

You are no doubt pleased that "things" are starting to happen in our tennis world.

It is now highly likely that we will soon have the approval of all regulators having influence over when and in what form our MWM competition can restart [well that was the case 4 or 5 days ago when I started preparing this email, got a bit shaky since!]

Note the attached Return to Tennis Check List issued by Tennis Victoria with the approval of Vic. Gov. and our Waverley Tennis Management Committee. IT IS STILL SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY LGA's [Local Government Authorities] which will not necessarily be consistent in timing or rules. As well you are subject to the direction of your tennis club committee.

If you are not getting enough reading on the subject go to the Tennis Vic website for more extensive details.

Just prior to our first match for the Spring 2020 Season scheduled for 22nd July we will try to issue some notes highlighting standard requirements for attending all MWM club venues as well as any special requirements at individual clubs. Can Captains be on standby to supply details relating to your club so that visiting teams are warned on what to expect.


The Spring entry form can be completed electronically and returned as a PDF. Please do it this way if possible although I know many including Apple users have had trouble in the past. It saves me retyping the forms for Sub-Committee distribution. Please use the Acrobat Reader DC to complete the form, the built-in readers in browsers for both Windows and Apple users will not work.

Note the relatively short lead time for return of entries. For those returning the form on time you will still be able to advise of any changes in the following week.

We are sensitive to the fact that team make up will not just pick up from where we left of way back in March. Please let us know promptly if any of the following situations apply

  1. You may need an additional player
  2. You are not certain of entering your team
  3. You have excess player numbers
  4. You know of a new/prospective team or individual player.

As indicated on the entry form, teams that played in Autumn 2020 season and paid the entry fee then will receive a 100% discount on this entry fee. It will however not carry forward to a future season.

It is also important that you know of the Sub-Committee decision re Female Participation in our MWM competition as it may be important in deciding your team list and plans for playing/rotating players during the season. We have decided that it is appropriate to continue allowing female participation on the following basis:
  1. No limit on the number of females registered on the team entry form, &
  2. No more than two females playing in a team in a particular match.

Based on feedback from captains and the playing group we consider that there will likely be further change in thinking 'down the track' which will warrant further consideration of the rules but not necessarily season by season. We do not plan to review again after Spring 2020.

Our Guideline D "Female Participation" will be updated for Spring 2020 to reflect the above small adjustment.


Lindsay Coster
MWM Convenor



Any questions about how the competition runs can be found in the Guidelines, issued July 2019.

Lindsay Coster

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2020 - Spring fixture and results
















We are seeking support from all players to build the information appearing on our webpage at www.waverleytennis.asn.au Mid Week Mens. An effort is being made to include more information of interest including photos, results, ladders and other items of interest.
Please let your captains know or submit information by email to mwm AT waverleytennis.asn.au

Lindsay Coster
MWM Sub-Committee

Bendigo Bank Pinewood sponsor

Bendigo Bank Pinewood sponsors our Tennis activities in a positive way so if you have any finanacial needs, please contact the Pinewood Branch, they will look after you.

Click here for more information.


Waverley Mid-Week Mens Competition -

"Keen competition played in good spirit!"


Competition Features

  • Played on Wednesday mornings: 9.30am - 12.30pm (approx)
  • Open aged: from 20's to 80's
  • Five grades catering to all standards
  • Each team fields 4 players, but 5, or 6, can be used if you wish.
  • Three sets of doubles per player per match on 2 courts
  • Sets are first to 8 games (to 6 games in lowest section) with provision for variation by agreement. A tiebreak is played at 7 all.
  • Coffee/tea and light lunch hosted by home team

Other Information

  • Participation costs are set by home club but are approximately $2-$4 per match
  • Teams have more than 4 players to accommodate injury, travel and "she who must be obeyed"
  • Organiser is only too happy to help place new comers in a team

Social Play & Final Events

All grades come together at Robinson Reserve Tennis Centre (RRTC), Doveton (Home of Waverley Tennis), for the Grand Final series. Facilities available for other players and friends. Grand Finals are followed by BBQ lunch for all, and presentation of trophies to players representing winning teams and runners-up in each grade.

The Grand Finals Day at the RRTC has developed into a much looked forward to social event where all players renew old friendships and develop new ones whilst watching intensely contested Grand Finals and enjoying the BBQ lunch.

[Last updated: 10/06/2019]


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