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5 July 2023

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Season 1 Finals results

Season 1 Finals results

by MWM Convenor
Folks, I am sure most have caught up with the Grand Final results but just i...

2023 Season 2

Season 2 of 2023 commences on 26th July with entries closing on Friday 7th July. The On-line Entry Form will be accessible promptly after Grand Finals are completed and Player Statistics are compiled. If you have any difficulties completing the Entry Form, scan your list to the Convenor. For either option pay particular attention to suppling full name and correct spelling. In the case of On-line completion, it is suggested that you leave it open in case you want to make a later change.

New Team Prospects - whilst we are pleased with inquiries from some new players & several new teams, we plead for every current player & supporter to be positive & active in helping to build a bigger & better MWM.

In Section 1 additional players/teams will give the existing participants a more satisfying and challenging competition.
At the lower end of the competition “tree” we have potential for substantial improvement in satisfaction levels by ensuring we, not only retain all our existing oldies but recruit many more. We need to re-introduce our Section 5, which would be possible with a minimum of just two more teams at this level.

Whether a valued captain, regular or irregular player or just an interested supporter, can you please help us by being proactive on this objective over the next 5 weeks. Speak with a MWM Sub-Committee Member and/or encourage prospects to contact us via mwm@waverleytennis.asn.au


Mid-Week Mens 2023 Season 1 Promotion

This flyer is being used to promote the upcoming 2023 Season 1.

Click on the image to view a PDF version.

Feel free to use this promotion in whatever way you think best to encourage more players to join us in our new season!


We have unfortunately neglected our 80+ year old players in 2020 & 2021 is this yet another example of elders abuse!! in that we have not honoured new members of the group with public presentation of certificates.

We have new members Ken Mitchell & Charles Cattermole in this group and there are several more, whose names have not been noted. Could all Captains find a moment to check on this subject and advise by email, if they have new qualifiers in their team. We will arrange public presentation of certificates at the next available opportunity.


Any questions about how the competition runs can be found in the Guidelines, issued August 2022.

Lindsay Coster


Hopefully, some of you have used the plastic covered sheet.

There is concern that it is prone to smudging but we have not received any feedback.
Anyone liking the idea & willing to experiment may like to try non water-based pen [they dry quicker on plastic] but then do not erase with damp [water] cloth. They do however erase with methylated spirits, but this complicates the process.

Any retired or 'budding' chemists with suggestions??

As previously indicated we do have paper score books available if you want one let us know if you require one.


A reminder to check these documents for errors & updates. If like some, you have cancelled your home landline, please advise if it is in either document.


When entering results if you find any error in player names please SMS or E-mail Neil Armstrong [details on Fixture & Captains/Sub-Committee Listing]. We like to have these correct.

Should you discover after lodging match results that there was an error in the match results, please follow this procedure > Contact opposing Captain & agree on the correction, then jointly email Neil Armstrong to have correction made.

You don't have to wait until you get home to enter your results. TROLS has a mobile version available to check your next match, the ladder, your team's results, and it also allows you to enter your match scores. You can get your scores entered before you've finished your enjoyable light lunch.

The TROLS moble link is https://www.trols.org.au/wdta/mobile.php It's not an app, it is a mobile-friendly web page, so you don't have to download anything.


It is recognised that with an absence of byes in all sections but one, there is a restriction on obtaining emergencies. Be aware of paragraphs A & E of Guidelines issued in January 2021 as part of avoiding being seen to have unfairly strengthened your team when using an emergency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Lindsay Coster
MWM Convenor


Click here to see the COVID-19 Guidance - January 2022


If you want to know about what is happening in the world of Mid Week Mens, and can't always check this page, contact Lindsay on mwm AT waverleytennis.asn.au and ask to be put on the email list.

2023 - Season 2 - fixture and results


We are seeking support from all players to build the information appearing on our webpage at www.waverleytennis.asn.au Mid Week Mens. An effort is being made to include more information of interest including photos, results, ladders and other items of interest.

Please let your captains know or submit information by email to mwm AT waverleytennis.asn.au

Lindsay Coster
MWM Sub-Committee

Men's Competition Tennis

Pinewood Community Bank

Bendigo Bank Pinewood sponsors our Tennis activities in a positive way so if you have any finanacial needs, please contact the Pinewood Branch, they will look after you.

Community Bank Pinewood

Waverley Mid-Week Mens Competition

"Keen competition played in good spirit!"

Waverley & District Tennis

[Last updated: 27/06/2023]

Competition Features

  • Played on Wednesday mornings: 9.30am - 12.30pm (approx)
  • Open aged: from 40's to 80's
  • Five sections catering for all standards
  • Each team fields 4 players, but 5, or 6, can be used if you wish
  • Six sets of doubles per match on 2 courts
  • Each player playing 2 or 3 sets
  • Sets are first to 8 games (to 6 games for special circumstances by agreement)
  • Coffee/tea and light lunch, hosted by home team

Other Information

  • Participation costs are set by home club but are approximately $2-$4 per match
  • Extra players available to allow for illness, injury, holidays, and grandpa duties
  • We are only too happy to help place newcomers in a team

Social Play & Final Events

All grades come together at Robinson Reserve Tennis Centre (RRTC), Doveton (Home of Waverley Tennis), for the Grand Final series. Facilities available for other players and friends. Grand Finals are followed by BBQ lunch for all, and presentation of trophies to players representing winning teams and runners-up in each section.

The Grand Finals Day at the RRTC has developed into a much looked forward to social event where all players renew old friendships and develop new ones whilst watching intensely contested Grand Finals and enjoying the BBQ lunch.