Wayne Arthurs Cup

The Wayne Arthurs Cup is a metropolitan and regional team event for 10 & under boys and girls from across Victoria.  The competition is a round robin event with ties consisting of two boys' singles, two girls' singles and two mixed doubles rubbers.  This event is run with the support of The Kooyong Foundation and The Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club.

Waverley Winning Teams since the Wayne Arthurs Cup commenced in 2007

2024Marcus O’Reilly    Zayden Hanslo    Scarlett Lucaci    Lauren Ng
2015Mudiwa Munyimani    Marko Pavicic    Aarmaya Chandran    Zoey Daggmarr
2008Daniel Nguyen    Klemens Haberberger    Kelly Martin    Destanee Aiava
2007Daniel Nickels     Long Nguyen    Stephanie Raux    Noelleda Ah San    

2024 - Winners

Wayne Arthurs Cup (for 10 & Unders) was played at Kooyong on Saturday 6 April and Sunday 7 April, 2024.

In another nail-biting finish Waverley won the 2024 Wayne Arthurs Cup defeating the Moorabbin & District team. We were equal on games and sets at the end of the singles and mixed. The No 1 pair Marcus & Scarlett then went on to play a 10 point match-tiebreaker which they won 14-12.

This 10 point match-tiebreak win meant that our Waverley Tennis team went on to be crowned the winners of the 2024 Wayne Arthurs Cup.

Congratulations to our team of Marcus O’Reilly, Zayden Hanslo, Scarlett Lucaci & Lauren Ng on a great team effort.

From left to right - Zayden Hanslo, Marcus O’Reilly, Scarlett Lucaci & Lauren Ng

Lyn Gillen
0412 567 496

2023 - Washed out Sunday (no result)

On 15 and 16 April at Kooyong Tennis Club 16 teams from Regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne came together to play in 4 groups of 4 team round robins.

We won our first match against Peninsula Orange 36-9 then Wimmera 36-11 and were 3 sets to 1 set up against Moorabbin & District when the heavens opened at approx. 3.30 pm and play was abandoned for the day.

At 7.00 am Sunday (with a dreadful forecast) play was abandoned without us having to leave home. We had a good little team with all parents tennis players.  Our kids were very disappointed at the washout on Sunday. They were going to be too old (at 10) for Wayne Arthurs Cup next year!!!  

Lyn Gillen

2023 Wayne Arthurs - Lulu Philp, Melissa Fitzgerald, Lyn Gillen, Jenson Holm, Max O'Reilly
2023 Wayne Arthurs - Lulu Philp, Melissa Fitzgerald, Lyn Gillen, Jenson Holm, Max O'Reilly


The 2022 Wayne Arthurs Cup was held at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club on the weekend of 9-10 April.

As noted by Andy Reynolds (Competitive Play Lead from Tennis Victoria):

"I enjoyed dropping in on Sunday to see so many happy children, parents and team managers.to have 16 teams involved was fabulous."

"Thank you to Adam Cossar President of Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club for presenting the winners and finalist medallions and cup. Yours and the Kooyong Foundation support is always gratefully received. To Cedric, John, Sophie and David, thank you also for your ongoing commitment to the Wayne Arthurs Cup."

"To the staff onsite, Lita, Geoff and Michael, your attention to detail is second to none, you make the event all about the participants which is fantastic."

Congratulations on your “Bronze” medal (as one of the parents suggested last weekend) - coming 3rd out of 16 teams. A great team effort on everyone’s part for fighting for every point. Well done Ana, Lulu, Noah & Arham.

Thank you also to the parents and grandparents for your support and to our court maintenance crew for bagging and watering the courts.

2022 Wayne Arthurs Cup team

L to R:   Arham Tariq, Noah Hession, Ana Maric, Lulu Philp

The Wayne Arthurs Cup for Under 10's was played at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club on the weekend of 10 and 11 April 2021. The Waverley Tennis team had a bye first up, but hit the ground running, winning all 3 of their matches on the Saturday.

Unfortunately, play was abandoned on the Sunday due to rain.

Thanks to our team managers, Lyn Gillen and Stephen Gay, for keeping everything running smoothly on the day.

L to R:  Eleni Makantasis, Qiqi Lei, Bryn Baik and Will Brooks-Gay

This year the event was held on 6 & 7 April 2019. Our team was represented by Zyphveronee Te Kau, Coco Philp, Cooper Pearson and Erik Wendler-Canning. The players showed fantastic effort against very strong competition, and we are very proud of their achievements. Waverley Tennis excelled in the competition, finishing in third place. What an amazing result.

Congratulations to our players.

Special thanks to Lyn Gillen for managing the team, to Lee Pearson for organising the warm-up each morning before play, to Gemma and all the parents for their support over the week-end.

L to R:  Zyphveronee Te Kahu  Eric Wendler-Canning  Cooper Pearson  Coco Philp

L to R:  Cooper Pearson  Eric Wendler-Canning  Zyphveronee Te Kahu  Coco Philp

The players in the winning 2015 team shown with the Cup are:

L to R:  Zoey Daggmarr   Mudiwa Munyimani  Marko Pavicic  Aarmaya Chandran

Waverley Tennis entered a team in this Tennis Victoria competition which receives entries from Associations/Regions around Victoria (maximum of 16 teams).   Our team were Jason Ward, Brodie McGeachy, Charlie Hargreaves and Tamara Bajagic.  The event was held at Kooyong Tennis Club on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 December 2012.

Results of Saturday's matches were -

  • Waverley defeated East Gippsland 6 sets 36 games to 0 sets 5 games
  • Waverley defeated Barwon 4 sets 34 games to 2 sets 26 games
  • Waverley defeated Peninsula 6 sets 36 games to 0 sets 8 games

Sunday - We advanced to the Semi-finals following our win in Group B matches on Saturday. Results of Sunday's matches were North Suburban Juniors defeated Waverley 5 sets 33 games to 1 set 12 games.

We then advanced to the playoff for 3rd or 4th position.  Results were Waverley defeated Eastern Region 3 sets 26 games to 3 sets 21 games.  Great team effort from all our squad.

Waverley were also very privileged to win "The Jelly Bean Award" for having the most visits to the Sports Trainer.  After a rain delay of approximately 2 hours we managed to have 3 members of our team attend the medical room either before their match or receive on-court treatment within 20 minutes of the start of play.  The other team member sought attention later in the day.  Talk about the walking wounded but we soldiered on to take out 3rd position of 16 teams.

Waverley retained the Cup won the previous year.

The team, with Wayne Arthurs presenting the Cup, are:

L to R:  Kelly Martin   Destanee Aiava   Daniel Nguyen  Klemens Haberberger

Waverley was the first team to win the Cup which was presented by Wayne Arthurs.

The Waverley team was:

L to R:   Stephanie Raux   Noelleda Ah San    Daniel Nickels    Long Nguyen