Pat Cash Cup

Originally called the Association/Regional Teams Challenge this event was renamed the Pat Cash Cup in 2017.

The Pat Cash Cup is a metropolitan and regional team event for 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 16 & Under and 18 & Under boys and girls from across Victoria. The competition is a round robin format with ties consisting of two boys singles, two girls singles, one boys doubles, one girls doubles and two mixed doubles rubbers in each age group.

12sLiam KindlerKalan LaiSophia Brooks-GayAlice Irvine
14sLuke CrippsEagan LaiKayla YipEliza Zacharchuk
16sRhys EdwardsShubh PurohitJennifer McDonaldLeona Doan
18sMarko PavicicBenjamin KrnicPrisha BaligaTallie Collins
12sKristian TesevicTheo EdwardsKate SmithChristiana Masvosva
14sRhys EdwardsMatthew ThachNithesa SelvarajAarmaya Chandran
16sViktor SirucekSam KimPrisha BaligaJennifer McDonald
18sDarcy NichollsJordan BatisTallie CollinsChiara Antonaccil
12sMarko PavicicTimur-Kaan GuneysuAarmaya ChandranLeona Doan
14sViktor SirucekNik JovicJennifer McDonaldEliza Doan
16sElvin DolicJames RohanChiara AntonacciStacey Flaounas
18sJames Bruce-SmithLuka VranesevicBelle ThompsonJovana Jovic
12sDarcy NichollsAdam VermeerJennifer McDonaldCelina Yang
14sPeter JovicNik JovicChiara AntonacciTamara Bajagic
16sLiam LouzadoAndrew IlettJovana JovicLucia Placidi
18sDarrin D'RozaJames KirkhamGabriela SpragueBelle Thompson
12sKhai Shien LimLiam LessonJovana StanisicMia Vukicevic
14sKlemens HaberbergerNicholas GourgoulisMelanie WoodwardBelle Thompson
16sRyan DraffinLachlan BridglandPriscilla DawsonEmma Leech
12sAlex KrieshKhai Shien LimNatasha Van BemmelBelle Thompson
14sTodd AleksicMatthew CookStephanie CookAbby Chapman
16sAaron AddisonRyan DraffinJulia StutselEmma Leech
12sKlemens HaberbergerTodd AleksicMelanie WoodwardKelly Martin
14sNathan PontonLachlan BridglandDaphne MantzanidisJaide Collins
16sAaron AddisonRyan DraffinLilyana DragojevicStacey Ponton
12sTyson WyettLachlan BridglandCooper WyettDestanee AiavaKelly MartinEmma Leech
14sAaron AddisonLuke BratchfordAlana ParnabyLauren Greaves
16sLachlan GillepsieMatthew KongRenee TsongasStacey Ponton  
Wensi CaiRhiannon WattStephanie SkarasStephen McKenzieAlex IliaAlex Hogan
Jason SzetoMonique StojanovicBradley MartinLilyana DragojevicBelinda Woolcock
Fedja BilicMadeline SkarasJames McCallum   


The 2024 State Teams Championships is new in 2024. The idea was that the winning team in each age group was to go on to play other state teams later this year. This “Australian” event is still to be advised. Waverley had 6 teams competing and out of those 6 - 4 went on to play in the finals. 12Boys, 12Girls, 14Girls & Open Boys. Three (B12, G12, G14s) went on the be the Victorian State Champions. Fantastic effort everyone.

The Pat Cash Cup part was the team that won the most points - rubbers first then if equal on sets then games.

2024 Pat Cash Cup & 2024 State Teams Championships was played in Horsham on 24/25 February, 2024

Our team of -

12 Boys - Noah Hession & Tyler Zeuschner

**** Noah & Tyler were winners of the 2024 State Teams Championships

2024 Pat Cash Cup Noah and Tyler 12s State Champs


12 Girls - Ana Maric & Melissa Fitzgerald

**** Ana & Melissa were winners of the 2024 State Teams Championships

2024 Pat Cash Cup Melissa Tyler Noah Ana 12s State Champs


14 Boys - Nathan Rato, Jovan Celic

14 Girls - Coco Philp & Samantha Morales

**** Coco & Samantha were winners of the 2024 State Teams Championships

2024 Pat Cash Cup Coco and Samantha 14s State Champs


Open Boys - Seif Saleh &Vincent Gazzini

** Seif & Vincent were Runners-up in the 2024 State Teams Championships

Open Girls - Sophia Brooks-Gay, Chloe Sitas

Overall Waverley Tennis were the Winners of the 2024 Pat Cash Cup.

Congratulations to all our team members on a fantastic result.

The Pat Cash winning team taken at Horsham on Sunday 25 February. (Jovan Celic missing)

Team celebration dinner held on Sunday 17 March. (Sophie Brooks-Gay missing)

Lyn Gillen
0412 567 496

The 2023 Pat Cash Cup Was played in Horsham on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 February.  We were greeted by the Mayor and Horsham Tennis Club officials, roads were closed and Welcome signs everywhere. The Mayor said it hadn’t rained in Horsham for 2 months.  Alas we broke the drought when on Saturday we were delayed for 5.5 hours because of rain!!!

Our Waverley Team joined together for a meal  and a chance to get to know each other on the Saturday night. Sunday morning we had a bye and it gave us an opportunity to meet and listen to former Waverley Squad player Alana Parnaby who spoke about her tennis journey - she had come down from Swan Hill where she was playing a tournament to address the group.  It was lovely to catch up with Alana and find out what she was up to.  Ian Barclay (former coach of Pat Cash) was also in attendance.  Alana and Ian signed our team’s Participation certificates in recognition of the event.

We finished equal 3rd as the ¾ playoff was not played on the Sunday afternoon.  It was going to be a long 5 hour trip home that night!!!

Our team was -

12 & under
Jovan Celic
Will Brooks-Gay
Isabella Kamran
Samantha Morales

14 & under
Seif Saleh
Chiren Gamalath
Alisha Kamran
Coco Philp

16 & under
Liam Kindler
Anton Jusayan
Chloe Sitas
Sophia Brooks-Gay

18 & under
Rhys Edwards
Aidan Kindler
Leona Doan
Emma Frerker

Team Managers
Lyn Gillen
Jude Jusayan

Lyn Gillen

2023 Pat Cash Cup - Team incl Alana Parnaby & Ian Barclay
2023 Pat Cash Cup - Team incl Alana Parnaby & Ian Barclay


2023 Pat Cash Cup Team
2023 Pat Cash Cup Team


Tennis Victoria’s Pat Cash Cup for 2022 was held at Wodonga on 26-27 February, where Waverley finished a creditable 3rd out of 10 teams. The competition was good and our team was amazing.

Loved the Waverley Tennis team spirit which all the parents/grandparents and team members displayed. Our Team Captains Rhys and Leona made sure that everyone was supported during their matches and no-one felt left out during the weekend. Well done everyone.

What a great team of helpers we had always helping me shift camp, pick up my lost property (thanks Sue - Emma’s grandmother) and sharing the duties without being asked. “Mister Magic” Jude had the show running like clockwork with his friendly manner and enthusiasm. The Saturday night dinner which started out with 30 then 31, 33, 35 & 37 (no more could be accommodated at this point) and 2 that were not able to fit in at the last minute sorry) meant we had a Private Room - “very special”. Great venue, good food and more appropriately good company and a chance for the parents and kids to chat.

You guys have already picked next year’s team. I understand you all put your hands up for another try to win the event - wherever that might be!!!

2022 Pat Cash Cup team

2020 Pat Cash Cup Winners

  • Back row:  Prisha Baliga  Tallie Collins  Rhys Edwards  Marko Pavicic
  • Centre:  Shubh Purohit  Liam Kindler  Jennifer McDonald  Benjamin Krnic  Eagan Lai   Leona Doan  Luke Cripps
  • Front:  Kalan Lai  Kayla Yip  Sophia Brooks-Gay  Eliza Zacharchuk  Alice Irvine

2019 Pat Cash Cup WinnersBack:  Jordan Batis  Sam Kim  Viktor Sirucek  Darcy Nicholls  Tallie Collins  Jennifer McDonald  Rhys Edwards  Matthew Thach

Front:  Christiana Mosvosva  Nithesa Selvaraj  Theo Edwards  Kristian Tesevic  Kate Smith  Aarmaya Chandran

Absent:  Prisha Baliga  Chiara Antonacci

2018  Pat Cash Cup Runners-Up

Back row:  Lyn Gillen (Team Manager)  Chiara Antonacci  Emma Frerker  Julia Kendall  Hayden Frerker  Tallie Collins  Luka Vranesevic  Marko Pavicic  Cameron Linn  Neel Mohan  Dale Collins (Team Manager)

Front:  Cassidy Denny  Belle Thompson  Isabella Davison  Viktor Sirucek  Seth Monahan  Samuel Johnston  Christiana Masvosva

2017 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Lyn Gillen (Team Manager)  James Bruce-Smith  Luka Vranesevic  Elvin Dolic  Stacey Flaounas  James Rohan  Jennifer McDonald  Belle Thompson  Chiara Antonacci  Jovana Jovic

Front:  Timur-Kaan Guneysu  Nik Jovic  Viktor Sirucek  Marko Pavicic  Aarmaya Chandran  Eliza Doan  Leona Doan

Mascot:  Luka Jovic

2016 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Darrin D’Roza  Liam Louzado  Chiara Antonacci  Jennifer McDonald  Andrew Ilett  Peter Jovic  Adam Vermeer  Darcy Nicholls  Celina Yang

Front:  Belle Thompson  Jovana Jovic  Nik Jovic  Gabriela Sprague  Tamara Bajagic  James Kirkham  Lucia Placidi

2012 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Priscilla Dawson  Lachlan Bridgland  Melanie Woodward  Emma Leech  Klemens Haberberger  Ryan Draffin  Karen Butler (Team Manager)

Front:  Jovana Stanisic  Mia Vukicevic  Khai Shien Lim  Nicholas Gourgoulis  Liam Lesson  Belle Thompson

2011 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back Row:  Karen Butler (Team Manager)  Aaron Addison  Ryan Draffin  Julia Stutsel  Stephanie Cook  Emma Leech  Abby Chapman

Centre:  Todd Aleksic  Matthew Cook  Natasha Van Bemmel  Belle Thompson

Front:  Khai Sien Lim  Alex Khreish

2010 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Nathan Ponton  Lilyana Dragohevic  Aaron Addison  Ryan Draffin  Lachlan Bridgland  Jaide Collins  Karen Butler (Manager)

Centre:  Tracey Ponton  Klemens Haberberger  Melanie Woodward  Todd Aleksic

Front:  Daphne Mantzanidis  Kelly Martin

2009 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Lauren Greaves  Karen Butler (Team Manager)  Alana Parnarby  Aaron Addison  Luke Bratchford  Matthew Kong  Lachlan Gillepsie  Renee Tsongas  Jason Simmonds (Tennis Vic)

Front:  Kelly Martin  Destanee Aiava  Tyson Wyett  Lachlan Bridgman  Cooper Wyett  Emma Leech  Stacey Ponton

2006 Pat Cash Cup Winners

Back:  Wensi Cai  Rhiannon Watt  Stephanie Skaras  Stephen MacKenzie  Alex Ilia  Alex Hogan  Jason Szeto  Monique Stojanovic  Karen Butler (Team Manager)  Elizabeth Peers (Tennis Victoria)

Centre:  Bradley Martin

Front:  Lilyana Dragojevic  Belinda Woolcock  Fedja Bilic  Madeline Skaras  James McCallum