Pat Pearce Carnival

This Inter-Association carnival between NEJTA (North Eastern Junior Tennis Association), NSJTA (North Suburban Junior Tennis Association), ERT (Eastern Region Tennis), and Waverley Tennis is held each year. Associations take turns in hosting the carnival. This event is played by boys and girls of two age groups: 15 & under and 13 & under.

The Mrs Pat Pearce Memorial Shield commenced in 1954 and a new format was introduced in 1989. The 65th year of the event was played in 2019.


  • Wally Freeman Award is given to the Best and Fairest Player in the Carnival.
  • Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award is for the Best and Fairest Player in the opposite age group to the Wally Freeman winner.
  • Best 13&U Girl and Boy and Best 15&U Girl and Boy

The 66th Mrs Pat Pearce Memorial Shield Tennis Carnival was scheduled to be held from Friday 1st October to Sunday 3rd October 2021.

Owing to lockdown and travel restrictions the 2021 event had to be cancelled.

(Please note that 2020 was also not held because of COVID-19.)

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Back:  Lyn Gillen (Manager), Kate Smith, Tawananyasha Manzvera, Prisha Baliga, Mineth Nawarathna, Emma Frerker, Joshua Huang, Pratisha Selvaraj (Manager)
Front:  Steven Klasan, Zara Lumanovski, Nithesa Selvaraj, Nenyasha Manzevera, Leona Doan, Aedan Nelson

The 65th Mrs Pat Pearce Carnival was held at Boroondara Tennis Centre on 13 & 14 July 2019.

Congratulations to our players for winning the carnival! Waverley Tennis was announced as winner of the event in 2019 making it 5 wins in a row. An outstanding achievement. It is Waverley Tennis' turn to host this event in 2020.

Team Managers Lyn Gillen & Prathisa Selvaraj.

Read more about this year's event on theTennis Victoria website.

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Prisha BaligaMineth NawarathnaNithesa SelvarajAedan Nelson
Leona DoanTawananyasha ManzveraZara LumanovskiNenyasha Manzvera
Emma FrerkerJoshua HuangKate SmithSteven Klasan

Award Winners

Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award:  Nenyasha Manzvera

13 & U Girl:  Nithesa Selvaraj

15 & U Girl:  Prisha Baliga

15 & U BoyMineth Nawarathna

Back:  Sienna Opray, Aarmaya Chandran, Julia Kendall, Neel Mohan, Mineth Nawarathna, Benjamin Krnic, Nathanael Haryanto, Alvin Li, Nithesa Selvaraj
Front: Elicia Kim, Alexis Stergiopoulos, Joanna Wietrzyk, Sam Kim, Leona Doan, Aryan Mohan, Samuel Johnston

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Joanna WietrzykNeel MohanNithesa SelvarajNathanael Haryanto
Leona DoanSam KimElicia KimAlvin Li
Julia KendallBenjamin KrnicAlexis StergiopoulosSamuel Johnston
Aarmaya ChandranMineth Nawarathna Sienna Opray Aryan Mohan 

Award Winner

Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award: Nathanael Haryanto

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Tallie CollinsNeel MohanAarmaya ChandranSam Kim
Chiara AntonacciNik JovicLeona DoanCameron Linn
Joanna WietrzykTristan LaiEmma FrerkerBenjamin Krnic
Eliza DoanJosum SullivanNithesa SelvarajJoshua Huang

Award Winners

Wally Freeman Award:  Tallie Collins

13 & U Boy:  Sam Kim

15 & U Boy:  Neel Mohan

Back: Lyn Gillen (Manager)   Angus Roberts   Cassidy Denny   Tallie Collins  Tobias Wietrzyk  Hasan Bekir  Joanna Wietrzyk  Adam Vermeer  Aditya Ajit
Front:  Aarmaya Chandran   Mineth Nawarathna  Celina Yang   Marko Pavicic   Zena Makantasis   Eliza Doan   Sam Kim   Lucia Placidi

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Tallie CollinsAditya AjitAarmaya ChandranSam Kim
Cassidy DennyHasan BekirEliza DoanMineth Nawarathna
Lucia PlacidiAngus RobertsZena MakantasisMarko Pavicic
Joanna WietrzykTobias WietrzykCelina YangAdam Vermeer

Award Winners

Wally Freeman Award:  Tobias Wietrzyk

13 & U Girl:  Eliza Doan

Celina Yang, Alice Kafer, Sarah Craig, Jade Cunningham, Isabelle Papazyan, Joanna Wietrzyk, Tallie Collins, Liam Louzado, Chiara Antonacci, Louis Pockett, Andrew Ilett, Aditya Ajit, Jordan Batis, Hasan Bekir
Front: Max Flaherty, Tobias Wietrzyk

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Jade CunninghamLiam LouzadoTallie CollinsMax Flaherty
Alice KaferTobias WietrzykIsabelle PapazyanAndrew Ilett
Chiara AntonacciLouis PockettJoanna WietrzykAditya Ajit
Sarah CraigHasan BekirCelina Yang Jordan Batis

Award Winners

Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award:  Max Flaherty

13 & U Girl:  Isabelle Papazyan

15 & U Boy:  Liam Louzado

2014 - the event was hosted by NSJTA and held at Royal Park

The carnival was won by North Suburban, 2nd North Eastern, 3rd Waverley and 4th Eastern Region

Our team competed well and had a great team spirit. The Waverley team :-

15 & under:       Cassidy Denny, Melanie Kempson, Bianca Jones, Belle Thompson, Jordan Arazi, Lawrence Barbuto, Nicholas Gourgoulis, Liam Louzado

13 & under:       Chiara Antonacci, Tallie Collins, Liana Rhodes, Zoey Tan, Elvin Dolic, Max Flaherty, Nicholas Smith, Tobias Wietrzyk

Award Winners

Best 13 & under Boy: Max Flaherty

Best 15 & under Boy: Liam Louzado

Audrey Teo, winner of Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award

2012 Pat Pearce team photo

Back Row:  Jovana Stanisic  Nicholas Gourgoulis  Audrey Teo  Joshua Hocking Priscilla Dawson  Klemens Haberberger  Annabel Jaskiewicz  Matthew Cook Akanksha Puli  Belle Thompson  Yianni Papadimittiou
Middle Row:  Alison Leydin (Team Manager)  Gabriela Sprague  Rachel Lee  Lachlan Bridgland  Aaden Hughes  Melanie Woodward  Nathan Hilbig  Ron Van Semmel (Team Manager)
Front Row:  Natasha Van Semmel  Chris Rumble  Khai Shien Um

Waverley Tennis finished second.

Award Winners

15 & U Girl:  Audrey Teo

Back:  Darrin Lim   Belle Thompson   Todd Aleksic  Kelly Martin   Priscilla Dawson   Natasha Van Bemmel
Centre:  Omar Fields   Rachel Lee   Klemens Haberberger  Jaide Collins   Daniel Nguyen   Emma Leech   Jayde Viccars   Matthew Cook
Front:  Graeme Gillen (Manager)   Christopher Wickenton   Melanie Woodward   Alex Van de Steenoven   Lyn Gillen (Manager)   Nathan Ponton   Cassie Bengough   Ryan Draffin   Alison Leydin (Manager)

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Jayde ViccarsRyan DraffinMelanie WoodwardKlemens Haberberger
Jaide CollinsNathan PontonEmma LeechTodd Aleksic
Cassie BengoughOmar FieldsKelly MartinDaniel Nguyen
Rachel LeeAlex Van de SteenovenBelle ThompsonMatthew Cook
Priscilla DawsonChristopher Wickenton Natasha Van BemmelDarren Lim

Award Winners

13 & U Boy:  Matthew Cook

15 & U Boy:  Ryan Draffin

Waverley Tennis finished second.

Award Winners

13 & U Girl:  Melanie Woodward (below)

2010 Pat Pearce 13 & U winner - Melanie Woodward

15 & U Girl:  Jayde Viccars (2 photos below)

2010 Pat Pearce 15 & U - Jayde Viccars


2010 Pat Pearce 15 & U - Jayde Viccars 2

Back: Joshua Tran (Wally Freeman Award winner), George Mitsas, Ben Jones, Stephanie Raux,  Nathan Ponton, Ryan Draffin,  Fedja Bilic, Will Ma, Robert Hilbig, Alana Parnaby, Annabelle Andrinopoulos (Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi winner), Madeline Skaras
Front: Taylor Petrucci, Aaron Addison, Elizabeth Kalyvas, Stacey Ponton, Jayde Viccars, Anna Li, Noelleda Ah San
Absent: Stephanie Hughes

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Stephanie HughesRobert HilbigNoelleda Ah SanAaron Addison
Elizabeth KalyvasBenjamin JonesAnnabelle AndrinopoulosFedja Bilic
Alana ParnabyGeorge MitsasAnna LiRyan Draffin
Stacey PontonTaylor PetrucciStephanie RauxWilliam Ma
Madeline SkarasJoshua TranJayde ViccarsNathan Ponton

Award Winners

Waverley scooped the pool in Awards.

Wally Freeman AwardJoshua Tran

Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award:  Annabelle Andrinopoulos

13 & Under Girl:  Annabelle Andrinopoulos

13 & Under Boy:  Will Ma

15 & Under Girl:  Madeline Skaras

15 & Under Boy:  Joshua Tran

Holding the Pat Pearce Shield  and her Best 15&U Girl Trophy is Madeline Skaras.
With her Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Trophy and Best 13&U Girl Trophy is Annabelle Andrinopoulos.
With the Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Perpetual Shield and his Best 13&U Trophy is Will Ma.
With the Wally Freeman Trophy and Best 15&U Trophy is Joshua Tran.

Annabelle Andrinopoulos with her Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Shield and Trophy and Best 13&U Girl Trophy

Back:  Omar Jasika   Annabelle Andrinopoulos   Rita Kaldawi   Binasa Beslagic  Taylor Petrucci   Stephen Kaldawi
Middle:  Pat Wright (Manager)   Lilyana Dragojevic   Joshua Tran   Natalia Draca   Robert Hilbig   Madeline Skaras  Lachlan Gillespie  Brian Hovey (Manager)  Len Pratt (Manager)
Front:  Matthew Nickels   Belinda Woolcock   Alex Ilia   Dejan Erakovic   Alana Parnaby   Daniel White   Renee Tsongas
Absent:  Elizabeth Kalyvas   Karen Butler (Manager)   Alex Tran (Manager)  

Girls 15 & UnderBoys 15 & UnderGirls 13 & UnderBoys 13 & Under
Binasa BeslagicDejan ErakovicAnnabelle AndrinopoulosAlex Ilia
Natalia DracaLachlan GillespieLilyana DragojevicOmar Jasika
Elizabeth KalyvasRobert HilbigRita KaldawiStephen Kaldawi
Madeline SkarasMatthew NickelsAlana ParnabyTaylor Petrucci
Renee TsongasDaniel WhiteBelinda WoolcockJoshua Tran

Award Winners

Pat Semmens/Angelo Cianchi Award:  Joshua Tran

13 & Under Girl:  Belinda Woolcock

13 & Under Boy:  Joshua Tran