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Associations Junior Pennant - 2023




Marcus O’Reilly

Hugo Yuen

Zayden Hanslo

Raymond Wu

Ludwik Szymanski

Nicholas Lu


12 A 1 BOYS

Aditiya Dogra

Harvey Shi

Will Brooks-Gay

Tyler Zeuschner


12 A 2 BOYS

Jaden Zhou

Max O’Reilly

Matthieu Fissot

Eliott Feruglio-Tai

Levi Rodd



Henry Seeber

Jenson Holm

Roman Shrestha

Lucas Vastea

Sameer Hira


14 A 1 BOYS

Thom Kannampuzha

Khang Khuu

Eric Xiao Chen

Goran Girski

Timothy Kannampuzha


14 A 2 BOYS

Jack Keown

Ben D’Costa

Thaadhie Karunanayake

Jovan Celic

Adithya Shyam




Alexander Marshall

Kai Hurst

Finn Ruskin

Ryan Tong

Zihao (Thomas) Wei

Tom Wood



Seif Saleh

Steven Klasan

Vincent Gazzini

Christian Jelic

Kanta Nishimoto



Nathan Rato

Ayush Salunkhe

Dejan Razumic

Raymond Zhao

Yishan Feng

Timmy Burns



Chloe Sitas

Sophia Brooks-Gay

Coco Philp

Samantha Morales

Siena Murone

Molly Thao



Melissa Fitzgerald

Bella Wang

Tihana Razlimic

Lulu Philp



Victoria Shi

Diahna Srikanth

Teodora Delic

Chloe Koyee Lai

Dinanya Talagala

Sanvi Arora

Tennis Victoria Associations Junior League - 2022

Waverley Tennis entered 11 teams in the Tennis Victoria Associations Junior League (AJL) 2022 season.  Nine of our eleven Waverley teams made it through to the Grand Final. 

10B Boys

(from L to R)

Marcus O'Reilly, Max O'Reilly, Jenson Holm, Samuel Zuo, Hunter Zhou, Roman Shrestha defeated Western Region 5-8-55 to 1-2-22

12B Boys

(from L to R)

Jaden Zhou, Noah Hession, Ryan Tong, Finn Ruskin, Harvey Shi, defeated North Suburban 6-10-64 to 0-0-24

Absent from the photo: Aditha Shyam

12C Boys

(from L to R)

Yenul Samarasinghe, Levi Rodd, Niduk Liyanage, Tom Wood, Jacob Wong and Tyler Zeuschner, defeated North Eastern 4-7-55 to 2-3-35

14A Boys

(from L to R)

Cooper Pearson, Seif Saleh, Niki Zandes, Chiren Gamalath, Bryan Baik, defeated North Suburban 4-6-52 to 2-4-42.

14B Boys

(from L to R)

Dejan Razumic, Max Chen, Nathan Rato, Zac Waterston, Goran Girski, defeated North Suburban 4-7-59 to 2-3-41.

16A Boys

(from L to R)

Aryan Karnani, Anton Jusayan, Liam Kindler, Steven Klasan, Callum White, Joshua Reynolds, defeated Bayside 5-6-51 to 1-4-39.

12A Boys

Our team lost to Bayside, 2-4-44 to 4-6-50.

14D Boys

Our team lost to Bayside, 2-3-40 to 4-7-56.

12A Girls

Our team lost to North Suburban, 3-4-35 to 3-6-53. It was a great effort by the girls, missing the no. 1, no. 3 and no. 5 due to injuries and school commitments.

Overall the 2022 AJL season was a challenging one for Waverley Tennis having to find 17 additional players for emergencies throughout the season.  Although this created some team imbalance, we congratulate the players who stepped up to the challenge and played their best tennis for their teams.

The competition would not function without the dedication and support of the following parents who volunteered to be team managers:  Patrick O’Reilly, Lucy Pearson, Mel Sitas, Tina Keown, Tara Pointer, Michelle Wood, Lee Pearson, Michelle Rato, Tania Kondres, Kathleen Kindler and Chisa Nishimoto.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the following Clubs who allowed us to use their excellent facilities throughout the season:  East Burwood, Belgrave Heights, Whites Lane, Wheelers Hill and Doveton. 

We look forward to another successful season in 2023.

Brian Hovey
AJL Co-ordinator


About Associations Junior League ( AJL)

Tennis Victoria's flagship junior competition,AJL (Previously named Junior Pennant), is a team based inter-association competition where players are selected to represent their local metropolitan association. AJL competition consists of:

  • Ten rounds of matches
  • Four player teams
  • Played Sunday morning late August -  end November  (no play first two weekends September/October school holidays and Melbourne Cup weekend)
  • Play commences at 8:30 am and concludes by 1 pm
  • Four singles rubbers (best of two sets) and two doubles sets in each home and away match
  • Graded within age groups 10/u to 18/u as at end of year.

To be eligible you must:

  • have played at least 6 matches in Waverley senior, junior or night tennis in the previous 12 months between 1st of July the previous year and 30th June of the current year.
  • be available for the duration of the 11 week season
  • have completed and submitted an application form with the appropriate payment by the due date.

Age Group - Playing Standard Guide

  • 10 and Under D Special 1 and above
  • 12 and Under C Special 3  and above
  • 14 and Under B1 and above
  • 16 and Under A Reserve and above
  • 18 and Under President's Cup