Competitive Player Profile

All pennant players, tournament players and those playing matches who use League Manager in Australia need to have a Competitive Player Profile set up for themselves from 1 September, 2023.

From 1 September, all players added to teams on League Manager/Match Centre will be required to have a Competitive Player Profile.

NOTE: Waverley Tennis does not use League Manager for its weekly competitions (we use a system called Tennis Results On-Line System - TROLS). If you only play competition tennis organised by Waverley Tennis, you do not need to do anything. If you play competition organised by another Association, you will need to check with them, in case they use League Manager.

If you want to enter events and tournaments (including some inter-association events, such as the Pat Cash Cup) run by Tennis Victoria and/or Tennis Australia, then you will need to create a competitive player profile.

For further information about the Competitive Player Profile, Tennis Victoria has a page explaining the Club and Association Support they are providing.