Weekend Handbook online - Winter Season 2021

The Waverley Weekend Handbook is only available in an electronic form this season. The pdf version can be accessed by clicking on the cover.

The teams and fixtures in the handbook includeall team changes and withdrawals that had been made at the time of the upload..

To make navigation easier, this handbook now contains active links for both the Index and the By-Laws.

The details are correct as at 1:00pm 27th May 2021.

Code of Conduct for Parents

This is an A4 version of the A2 poster distributed to Clubs with Junior teams attending the Venue Supervisors Workshop.

Feel free to distribute this poster on to interested parties in your club.




Junior Tennis - "Guidelines To Competition By-laws"

These Guidelines have been prepared to assist in the interpretation of the Waverley Tennis Competition By-laws, in particular for Venue Supervisors or supervising parents who may not be generally familiar with tennis rules and tennis etiquette, and for new players who are commencing tennis competition.




Helpful Hints for Parents

Waverley Tennis has been distributing a brochure for a few seasons designed to help parents of Juniors who have recently started playing in our Junior competition. This covers the way in which the competition is run and how the Junior and parent can help to make this a pleasurable event for both themselves and for currently playing Juniors and their parents.

Feel free to read this on-line, or print it out for future reference.

(This includes the 2019 amended Sunday Junior starting times.)


Guidelines for Supervisors and Team Managers

This brochure has been produced to assist Supervisors and Team Managers in the performance of their duties, and to help enable the smooth running of Waverley Junior matches Waverley Tennis. It summarises the most important By-laws set out in the handbook and on this website.

Feel free to read this on-line, or print it out for future reference.

(This includes the 2019 amended Sunday Junior starting times.)



Online Entry of Results using TROLS

Results of all Waverley tennis matches are entered online using the TROLS website. This is accessed by the Club Zone link on the website.

This document details all the steps and questions you are likely to have to allow you to use this system as easily and as effectively as possible.

(Updated June 2016)






2019-2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes of the AGM. Click here


The Waverley Informer Issue 1, 2021

Click here to read the association news and the news from many clubs.

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