Mid Week Ladies Competition Tennis

Welcome to Waverley Tennis Midweek Ladies Comp

Waverley Tennis Mid Week Ladies Tennis competition provides competition tennis in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for ladies wishing to play during the daytime. We are always looking for new clubs to join our competition or even new players. We can assist in suggesting a club for you to join or we also have an Association Emergency List that assists existing teams and gives variety and options to a player. If you or your Club are interested in knowing more, please read on, or contact our Executive Committee  (phone numbers below).

Players Wanted

Section 1 team Eildon Park Blue are currently looking for another player to join their team.
Please contact Leanne on 0408 596143

Section 3 team Clarinda are looking for an extra player for their team. 
Please contact Tricia on 0408 106671 


Our 2023 annual Gill Quillinan Memorial Charity Event was held on Thursday 31st August.  The venue this year was East Malvern Tennis Club (due to Vermont Sth TC being unavailable), and we had a wonderful attendance of ladies from many clubs enthusiastically participating in this fun event for a worthwhile cause.  We raised a total of $1,427.00 for our chosen charity, The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Congratulations to our two event winners:  A Grade: Masami Furukawa    B Grade: Bernadette Hassett   

Grand Final Season 1 2023

Grand Finals for all Sections have now been played.
Well done to all teams reaching the Grand Finals and Congratulations to the Premiers of each section!

A BIG thank you to our hosting clubs Nth Ringwood TC & Whites Lane TC for opening up their clubs for our Grand Finals.  Much appreciated.

Section 1 Premiers North Balwyn
Section 1 Runners Up Donvale Blue
Section 2 Premiers Eildon Park
Section 2 Runners Up Berwick
Section 3 Premiers Wheelers Hill
Section 3 Runners Up North Balwyn
Section 4 Premiers Legend Park
Section 4 Runners Up Clarinda
Section 5 Premiers Eildon Park
Section 5 Runners Up Knox Gardens

Lorraine Clarke Perpetual Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Season 1 2023 recipients of the Lorraine Clarke Perpetual Memorial Trophy - Section 2 team Eildon Park.

The perpetual trophy is presented to the team who achieved the highest points at the end of each season over all sections.

43rd AGM of WDTA MWL 22 June, 2023

43rd AGM of WDTA MWL was held Thursday 22nd June 2023.  

The Minutes includes reference to changes to the following By-Laws:-  

By-Law #1 (re court surfaces) 

By-Law #26 (official removal of lunches)

By-Law #12 clarifying the 3 types of emergency players & their specific rules.  IMPORTANT

Could we suggest all captains print the 3 page pdf of the By-Laws and carry it in their tennis bags for referencing.  

If anyone has a query about any of the above please feel free to contact us.

Full copy of the current By-Laws can be accessed HERE

Special thank you to Glenvale Tennis Club for accommodating our temporary venue change this year.

Tennis Victoria Country Week

As some teams and/or players have shown an interest in participating in this event next year, we thought you may like to read a little bit about the event and the players' experience in 2023. CLICK HERE

Life Membership Judy Searl

Judy Searl was recently presented with WDTA Life Membership, following her nomination by President and Secretary of the Midweek Ladies' Division committee.

Judy has been on the WDTA MWL committee since 2012 and has served in an exceptional manner over the 10 years she has been with us.  The year Judy joined the committee she eagerly volunteered to be the Honorary Secretary, which she continued performing for the next 3 years.  After having to step down due to our “3 year policy”, she then happily raised her hand to become our new President for the next 3 years.  Then once again, she volunteered to be our Honorary Secretary for a further 3 year term.  A total of 9 years on executive committee so far.

This year Judy focused her energy on the Gill Quillinan Memorial Charity Event organizing the entries and catering arrangements.  Having done this job for several years prior to COVID, she was very eager and excited to resume this event again. 

Judy is an exceptionally organized person and performed her executive roles in an extremely efficient manner.  She attends every meeting even though she has quite a distance to travel, and we commend her for her enthusiasm.  We look forward to her valued work on committee in the years to come.

We feel she is a most deserving recipient for the honour of becoming a WDTA Life Member.

Pool Emergency Players

The new Mid Week Ladies Emergency Pool list is now available for Season 1 2023.

Don't have a team this season?  Any NEW Pool Emergencies are most welcome
(all sections needed).  

Contact Loreta - 0413 267839 for any Pool related enquiries.

CLICK HERE  to open the Emergency Pool list 

MidWeek Ladies By-Laws

Please CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the current WDTA Midweek ladies By-Laws.

Important Dates

Season 2 - 2023 

  • 13 July               Season 2 Commences
  • 31 August         Charity Tournament
  • 21 Sept              School Holidays - No Tennis
  • 28 Sept             School Holidays - No Tennis
  • 9 Nov                 Oaks Day - No Tennis
  • 16 Nov               Semi Final
  • 23 Nov               Preliminary Final
  • 30 Nov               Grand Final
  • 7 Dec                 Spare week (if required)

Covid Protocol

Whilst there is no official Tennis Victoria directive regarding the choice of hand-shaking or racquet tapping at the end of sets, could we please ask that players personal preferences be respected.

Line Calls

Please ensure that all players in your team are aware of the following and play accordingly:-

"If any part of the ball touches any outside part of the line, no matter how minimal, the ball is deemed IN.
If you are unsure, all line calls must be to the benefit of the OPPOSITION."

Entering and confirming scores online

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions on how to enter your scores.  If you are having trouble please contact Record Secretary via email address listed below.    Scores MUST be in by Friday 8pm.  Thank you.

How to print your Fixture page

Fixtures are now available online - no longer available as a Handbook.  You can print your own fixtures via this website as follows:

  1. Click on FIXTURES link (in the blue banner above)  
  2. Select a Competition (Thursday AM from the drop down box)  
  3. Select a Section 
  4. Select a Team    
  5. Then click on the "download PDF" link (just underneath the Select a Section box).    
  6. Then simply PRINT or SAVE.

Note that all Team Captains and their Contact phone numbers are now included under the details for each team  (any errors please let us know).

Competition Features:

Waverley Mid Week Ladies Tennis currently offers:
  • Home and Away daytime Thursday Competition
  • 2 Seasons per Calendar Year (Feb to June  /  July to Dec)
  • Starting time 9.30 am (can vary)
  • 2 Courts per match  
  • 4 ladies per team - change partners each set
  • 6 double sets per match - no rubbers
  • Sets are first to 8 - tiebreak at 7 all
  • Emergency Pool Players available  (see note below)
  • Semi-Finals, Preliminary-Finals & Grand Finals - no umpires required in any finals games
  • Home venues for Semi & Preliminary Finals - with Grand Finals at courts designated by Committee.
  • Online scoring system
  • A mid-year tournament - all levels most welcome - The Annual Gill Quillinan Memorial Charity Event. Proceeds from this tournament are donated to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Clubs & Court Locations

Please CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the WDTA Midweek ladies Participating Clubs & Court Locations - current as at November 2021.

Mid-Week Ladies Emergency Pool Players

Our Competition permits the use of Emergency Pool Players.  This saves the need for teams to forfeit (with the associated fine).

Any Emergency Players can only play in position 3 or 4. 
This rule does not apply to Section 1 as this section is deemed as open.

Emergency Pool Players:

  • must belong to a club affiliated with Tennis Victoria.
  • are permitted to play for any club as many times as necessary in their personal grade or above at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • may still play for their own club as an emergency.
  • must be recorded on the Emergency Pool List by contacting Loreta Piggott on 0413 267839

CLICK HERE FOR Pool Availability List Season 2/2023

Special Pool Emergency Rules applicable for Finals:

All Pool Emergencies are not permitted to play in their personal grade during Finals (irrespective of how many matches they have played in that grade).  They are only permitted to play above their personal grade in Finals.  A request MUST be made to Record Secretary prior to using ANY Pool Emergencies in Finals.

Don't have a team for next season?  We would love to hear from any NEW players wishing to be placed in the Emergency Pool. 
All Grades are welcome!  Please contact Loreta Piggott 0413 267839

WDTA Midweek Ladies Committee 2022/23

History of the Lorraine Clark Memorial Perpetual Trophy

Lorraine Clark was on the founding committee for the Mid-week Ladies Competition and became the inaugural President.  WDTA Ladies commenced with 14 participating Clubs and she served as President for 6 years and remained on the general committee until 1991 when she was awarded Life Membership.  It is pleasing to note that our Mid-week ladies competition has expanded over the years from it’s small beginnings.  Lorraine attended the Gill Quillan tournament in July 2014 but sadly passed away in December 2014.

The Lorraine Clark Memorial Perpetual Trophy was introduced in 2001 as an encouragement award in her honour.  The perpetual trophy is now presented to the team who achieved the highest points at the end of each season over all sections.

Questions and Answers

CLICK HERE to view Q&A's.