Guidelines Issued January 2021 [words in red are changes to previous edition] No changes this season.

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Our competition does not have a seniors age restriction but younger players may "incur a biased grading that pushes their team into a higher section".

The top section in Autumn 2021 is Section 1 & there is no restriction on the number of players graded by the MWM Sub- Committee as A Grade, who can play as long as they are on the team entry sheet.

We remain hopeful that this will encourage more players of a higher standard to participate.

Teams are allocated to sections based on the mix of gradings of team members on team sheets.

Players introduced during the season, for all sections must be seen as a lower standard or at best equal to the standard of a person replaced in the opinion of the Sub-Committee. Captains need to communicate with the Sub-Committee in regard to all emergencies used.

There is no rule requiring team playing order to be in accordance with player grading but the Sub-Committee encourages it.

  1. The opposing team must be advised when playing 5 or 6 players before they record names on the team sheet or exchange names. The team sheet is to be completed before play. This is critically important if playing 5 or 6 because of the need to get pairings correct.
  2. The modified score sheet must be used as it sets out the required playing order.
  3. The 5th & 6th players must have any warm up prior to opposition players coming onto the court.
  4. It is not intended that this guideline should restrict a team from bringing in a replacement player during a match under the long standing player injury/sickness replacement rules.
  5. The captain of the home team where a 5th &/or 6th player has participated for either team, must enter the names of the additional player(s) where provided for on the electronic match results entry system.

All sets are played first to 8 games with a tie breaker at 7 all.

In Section 5 at deuce each game will be decide by a serve to the forehand or backhand at the receivers choice ['sudden death' one point decider] It is considered that this shortens sets in a similar way to playing first to 6 games.

In Section 5 if both captains agree before start of a set, the set can be played without the one point deuce decider.

For all other Sections, by agreement between captains, sets may be shortened by using 'one point deuce deciders' on a set by set basis. This is to be decided before commencement of the set and is appropriate if temperature or other factors arise.

As an alternative for all Sections, again by agreement between the four participants before commencement of that set, the set may be played first to 6 games with a tie-breaker at 5 all. The score is to be entered with 2 games added to each [e.g. 6-4 is entered as 8-6]

The Sub-Committee has approved female participation for the Autumn 2021 season. This means that females may be included as listed team members, play as emergencies and participate in finals subject to all other guidelines re player grading and match qualification.

When an emergency is required by a team the onus is on the team captain to make every effort to obtain a suitably graded emergency who is of a lower standard or at best equal in standard to the replaced person. Irrespective of personal grading a player coming down from a higher section to play as an emergency is likely to be considered of a higher standard.

The Sub-Committee will review match results promptly after they have been posted.

In the event that an emergency has played an assessment will be made, based on the match results, as to whether the emergency may have strengthened the team.

Opposing captains are encouraged to report within 24 hours whether, in their opinion, an emergency has strengthened the opposition team.

If a negative assessment is issued regarding an emergency, a decision will be made to award 1 to 5 points to the opposing team with an adjustment to set scores also, if considered necessary.

Advice of the decision will be relayed to both captains.

Either or both captains may, within 7 days, make a written submission relating to the decision.

Any submission will be considered by the MWM Sub-Committee and a final decision confirmed.

The objective of this change is to ensure no advantage is obtained by playing an emergency. Any balance of probability will be exercised in favour of the opposing team.

It is hoped that our good record of avoiding forfeits, wherever possible, will continue, even though in some cases a team may be required to surrender points.

Use of an emergency as a substitute in the event of injury or illness during a match is to be in conformity with By-Law 15 of WDTA By-Laws [refer to a Summer or Winter Handbook for full details]. Whilst an incomplete set is forfeited, a substitute can be drawn from the team list if playing five or six or another available player. Irrespective of playing four, five or six there must be no other change to original playing order. Record detail of substitution under Emergencies &/or Comments on the Score Sheet.

In addition to comments above the following should be noted:

Automatic qualification for finals will occur when a listed team member has played three matches in that season.

Note that a listed team member may include an emergency who has played at least three games and then added to the team by the Sub-Committee following a request with reasons for inclusion, from the Captain.

In the event that a team, as a result of specific circumstances, does not have sufficient qualified players, they may, subject to the approval of the MWM Sub-Committee, play another team member or emergency. MWM Sub-Committee decision to approve or reject a replacement will take account of the above team strengthening guidelines and err on the down side.

In the event of forecast morning temperatures approaching 30ºC captains should assume that sets will be first to six game sets rather than eight.

A range of other additional modifications can be discussed & agreed between captains prior to or during the morning -

  • Commence play at an earlier time;
  • If all four players agree at start of set, play to six games.
  • If captains agree prior to start of set - [a] play 'one point deciders' at deuce and [b] make any other modifications that are deemed to help complete matches on hot days, minimise discomfort & risk to player health.

In the event that a local area temperature reading rises to 30ºC play should cease at the end of any game in progress. This decision may only be changed if all four players in the set express a desire to continue for an agreed period before further review.

It goes without saying that the home team should ensure that cool water is available & captains/fellow players encourage extra consumption.

As a guide line we look to having all participating players being members of a club that is affiliated with Tennis Victoria. This policy supports the club based structure of tennis in Victoria but also provides sports cover insurance for all participants. Our policy facilitates movement of players between clubs but this is subject to individual club rules that may require team members to join that club as full members or as "mid-week members'.

In continuing with this later starting time we wish to stress the importance of being "on the court and ready to go". There is no 15 minute grace period after 9.30am.

It is not acceptable to arrive at 9.30 am. Should you be delayed at all, phone the club or your captain.

It is a reasonable request that "short sets" [see C above] be played if finishing time is likely to be 1.00 pm or later due to a late start. There have been complaints about late finishing captains & players are to be sensitive to this.


Further Comments

Waverley Tennis MWM competition continues to have the objective of attracting players of higher standard as well as expanding the overall number of participants.

We desire to adopt rules and make decisions which add to overall player satisfaction which is predominantly dependent on having players of relatively similar standard playing with and against each other.

It is recognised that individual preference and player availability makes this a difficult task. Except where otherwise specified Waverley Weekend Tennis By-Laws will apply.